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Special Classes:


Here you will find some unique classes that go further in depth and cover subjects that are not normally taught in an everyday riding lesson.


These classes will be offered through out the year or by request.

Mane Braiding

2 hour class ................ $65


Have you ever wanted to learn how all of those beautiful Dressage and Hunter braids are done? Then this is the class for you! From classic Hunter knots and buttons to fancy Dressage French and continental braids all the secrets will be revealed. Along with some special tricks and techniques to make your braiding faster and easier.

Tail Braiding

2 hour class ................ $65


As a compliment to our Mane Braiding Class we offer an entire 2 hours dedicated to all those lovely tails. From traditional Hunter French braids and complex continentals to basic mud knots useful in everyday life, I will show you all the tricks needed for beautiful show ready tail turnout.

Basic Clipping

2 hour class .................... $65


This class covers all the basics you need to give your horse a manicured show ready look. From which size blades to use for different parts of the body to clipper specifics, I show you how and where to clip. Facial clipping, ears, fetlocks, and bridle paths for multiple disciplines and breeds, all will be covered in this two hour class.

Body Clipping

2 hour class ................. $65


As a continuation of the Basic Clipping Class this class will demonstrate the proper tools and techniques for giving your horse a body clip. Here we will discuss the different styles of body clipping and the different reasons people body clip their horses. From trace clips to full body clips all will be covered.

Basic Wrapping

2 hour class ...................... $65


Do your polos always end up on the wrong side or bunched around the fetlock after a ride? Then I've got help for you! In this class I teach the art of wrapping legs. From basic polos to spider web knee wraps, this class demonstrates how to properly apply leg wraps. We will cover polos, standing wraps, medical wraps, poultice, and even sports medicine boots.

Basic Wound Care

1 hour class ............................ $35


In a perfect world our horses would live in a bubble and never get hurt, but in real life we all know that's not a possibility and our horses can get hurt every day. For this one hour class I will demonstrate what to do if your horse does sustain a mild boo-boo and when to call the vet. From everyday nicks and scratches to abrasions that require cleaning and wrapping, this class will have you prepared.

Lunging Techniques

1 hour class ............................ $35

Do you ever feel out of control when lunging your horse on a line or in a round pen? Then this class is for you! From free lunging/round pen to using today's complicated lunging systems I will show you the methods and techniques to get your horse to listen to your commands and not look like a rodeo. This one hour class will cover proper stance, using a whip, proper lunging equipment and how it is applied, as well as why we lunge our horses.

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