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After Hours Farm Lesson Policies:


  • If your lesson must be cancelled notice is required 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time. Please text, call and leave a message, or email to cancel your lesson. If notice is not given within 24 hours your lesson payment will be forfeited. The only acceptable exceptions will be weather, illness, or an emergency.

  • Prepaid package lessons cancelled by students may be rescheduled depending on availability if given proper notice and will follow the "time frame for use" as stated below.

  • Lessons cancelled by the instructor may be rescheduled or refunded/credited depending on availability.

  • No call/No show lessons will not be rescheduled or refunded unless it is an emergency situation.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled lesson time please understand that your lesson will be shortened by this amount of time. If this is not acceptable your lesson will be cancelled without refund. Full payment is required regardless of the decision.


  • Payment is due prior to booking a lesson. You will not be added to the schedule until payment is completed. For lesson package renewals payment is due at the end of the last lesson in the package to schedule the next set. This will ensure your weekly lessons are not interrupted by allowing me to schedule your next set.

  • There are several payment methods accepted including cash, check, credit card (fees may apply) and PayPal (fees may apply).

  • Each day that a payment is late there will be a $5 charge.

  • To help prevent the late payment charge I will now be contacting you (text, email, phone) prior to the lesson when your package is due to renew to politely remind you that payment is due.


  • As of January 1st, 2018 there will be a time frame for the use of lesson packages bought. This is to help my students be more consistent in their learning. It is quite difficult when learning a new skill to progress when there are long gaps between lessons. The new time frames are as follows:

- Lesson packages of 4 will have 6 weeks from the first lesson in the package to use the remaining lessons.
- Lesson packages of 8 will have 10 weeks from the first lesson in the package to use the remaining lessons.
There are allowances to these time frames as follows:
- Exceptions: Holidays, vacation/out of town days, and lesson cancellations due to weather or being sick.

- Every effort will be made to reschedule that week or as soon as possible before the next scheduled lesson time.
Once the time frame has past and/or I have not heard from you your lesson package will be surrendered and no longer usable.
If you can not adhere to this policy or feel I am being unfair please remember there is always the pay as you ride option to pay per individual lesson. However you will not receive the price discount as with the packages.

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