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Barn Rules & Policies:


If you open it, close it


If you borrow it, put it back


If you turn it on, turn it off


Helmets must be worn when mounted

Helmets may be borrowed from the farm for lessons. However, it is strongly recommended that each rider purchase their own helmet after deciding to continue riding lessons.


Closed toe shoes (boots preferred) must be worn when around horses. Boots with heels are required when mounted.


All horses must be cooled out and put away properly

If your horse is still breathing heavy after a lesson you are expected to continue walking or hand walk him/her until he/she has recovered from the workout.

No sweat marks, No saddle marks, No exceptions!

If your horse needs to be hosed off to accomplish this you will be expected to do so and use a sweat scraper to remove excess water from his/her coat before returning him/her to the designated pasture or stall. During cooler weather a wet sponge and cooler may be required.

All horses must be returned to their pasture or stall after lessons


No jumping without an instructor present


No smoking on AHF premises

All dogs must be on a leash when on After Hours Farm property. This is for everyone's safety and I appreciate your compliance.

Chelsea Finley E
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